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  • I have a storage group, one day my stuff delete all the log files, and impossilbe to mount.
    At last we recovery some of the log files, and we can mount the store, however we can't send/recevie the email.
    so we move our staff mailbox to the new storage group and everythiing work fine. But we find that all of attachment is is missing after move mailbox, and we check the log EVENT ID 5999 coroupt mail when moving the mailbox

    any method we can safetly recover the attachment in the old storage group?
    2010年2月3日 上午 05:02


  • Do you have the backup & your missing/corrupt attachemnts is it include on the backup set?

    if yes, u can using Recover Storge Group to recover the corrupt attachments.

    If you have signle mail level backup, u can make it simple to recover the corrupt attachemnts by backup prog.
    2010年2月4日 上午 09:21
  • Thanks for your reply, the problem is i haven't got a full backup for my missing/corrupt attachemnts ..
    so even use Recover Storge Group  is doesn't help.....

    2010年2月5日 上午 04:22