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  • The first problem.  Inside a same forest domain. In Windows xp, 7 & Server 2003/2008. I share a folder call "NTFStest" in D: and set everyone have allow READ, CHANGE permissions in SHARE permissions, NTFS permissions in  "NTFStest" set to Administrators - allow full control, administrator(domain admins) - allow full control, SYSTEM - allow full control. Then add a file "NTFSfile" to this folder and set NTFS  permissions to no inheritable, Administrators - deny full control, Peter(A domain admins) - deny full control.

    After that in D:\NTFStest, administrator cannot read/write and delete the file "NTFSfile". But in \\\NTFStest administrator cannot read/write but can delete the file "NTFSfile". Is that the result right in this setting?

    The second problem. In windows server 2003 r2 x32&x64(doesn't join domain). I create a user "peter". Peter logon to server and create a folder "NTFStest" on his desktop(Path:C:\Documents and Settings\peter\Desktop\NTFStest). The NTFS  permissions setting is Administrators Group - allow full control, SYSTEM - allow full control, Peter - allow full control. Then a user use Built-in administrator account logon server and create a file in Peter's folder "NTFStest"(Path:C:\Documents and Settings\peter\Desktop\NTFStest). Then set the file NTFS permissions to Administrators Group - allow full control, Peter - deny full control.

    After that Peter logon to server again and in his folder have list the file create by administrator, he can't read/write this file but he can delete the file. Is that the result right in this setting?

    2012年8月21日 上午 08:31