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    原本我用remote desktop 時能用到server 裡的ms office & erp .現在安裝了terminl service open licesen 後.就用不到ms office & erp,開始ms office 時出現以下

    "This copy of Microsoft Office cannot be used on terminal server.,please contact your local authorized microsoft retailer

    for more information"

    另我server 裡安裝了一個erp program 也不能用.請問要怎樣做才可以在terminal server 裡用到我的appications?


    *Server2003 ,Office 2007*

    2008年5月8日 上午 03:29



    Dear Customer,


    Based on my research, this issue occurs when a retail edition, a trial edition, or an OEM edition of a 2007 Office program or suite is installed on a Terminal Server computer. Terminal Server does not support the installation of these editions of 2007 Office programs or suites.


    To resolve this issue, I recommend you remove these editions of the 2007 Office suite or program from the Terminal Server computer. Then, reinstall

    an Enterprise edition of the 2007 Office suite or program that does not require License Activation.


    For more detailed information, please reference the following article in Microsoft Knowledge Base:


    924622 Error message when you try to start a 2007 Office program within a Terminal Server client session: "This copy of Microsoft Office <Program>

    cannot be used on Terminal Server"



    If anything is unclear or you need further assistance on this issue, please feel free to let me know.  I am glad to be of assistance.


    Tom Zhang

    2008年5月8日 上午 10:15