Lost serial for Age of Empires 3 Complete collection,


  •  I have the 4 cd's and the plastic body, I think the serial was on something else. On the back is written: 0609 Part. X15-66825-01

    I cannot reinstall after reinstalled windows and lost the game. I bought it from Amazon, I could find the bill, what should I do to get the serial number?.


    It is genuine, of course... if you want to know..

    [email address redacted]

    2011年8月10日 上午 07:16



  • Please see: How to replace Microsoft software
    Carey Frisch
    2011年8月10日 下午 05:13
  • Hi Carey,

    I have a question then.... how do we replace a lost product key for the game then? At first we kept getting an error message that I was finally able to fix by downloading the fix from Microsoft but during that time my son lost the product key for the game so we cannot reinstall War Cheifs or the Asian Dynasties. Help!

    my email is


    2012年4月1日 上午 03:53
  • Unfortunately, losing a software program product key is like losing can't be replaced.  You'll need to consider purchasing another game.

    Carey Frisch

    2012年4月1日 上午 04:00