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  • can i setup one more https over rpc at the intergrated (front/end) exchange server at difference location in the same domain. the new exhange server which connected with vpn service in the same domain . besides, can i use the same CA server too..thanks.
    2009年10月21日 上午 02:31


  • Sure, No Problem

    The Exchange Frontend doesn't conflict with RPC over HTTPS frontend services. It can run together. Thanks
    • 已提議為解答 emma.yoyo 2009年10月23日 上午 07:32
    • 已取消提議為解答 tonycd 2009年10月23日 上午 08:54
    2009年10月21日 上午 09:06
  • Yes, Avi is correct. we can setup the RPC over Http frontend services on Exchange Frontend server. the below link have some cofiguration information for your refereces.


    • 已提議為解答 emma.yoyo 2009年10月23日 上午 07:32
    • 已取消提議為解答 tonycd 2009年10月23日 上午 08:54
    2009年10月21日 上午 09:56
  • thanks.... i have no separated frontend server. there are only one exchange server on each location . so would i just do the same steps to make it done.  Besides, can i just use the one existing CA server for two rpc over http on two difference location. Those servers are in the same domain with vpn tunnel. thanks again.

    2009年10月23日 上午 08:58
  • Yes. You can using an existing CA to generate a certificate and place to two difference rpc over https in difference location.
    2009年10月24日 下午 12:50
  • Yes, you can use the same CA for the both exchange RPC over http services. However, you haven't frontend server, you need to 2 seperate Public connection for 2 server and the end users must need know which server is locate the mailbox to connect it. The Exchange server would not redirect the mailbox to correct server for your access.
    2009年10月24日 下午 04:23
  • thanks... if the cert is expired , i just choose either one of IIS servers those imported for the rpc over https.  Request to renew the cert from one IIS server, export it and import to another IIS server to maintain two rpc over https. agree ? thanks again

    2009年10月27日 上午 08:47
  • the certificate will record the server name, so when one of the server goes to expire, you can use the IIS in this server to request a new cert from your cert authority, and it should not using same cert in difference machine, although it is possible to do that.
    2009年10月29日 下午 04:11
  • thanks all . by the way, i did a testing with using a same CA server on two exchange rpc over http services.  i found the new rpc server doesn't work with the existing CA server. I saw a forum they talk about the cert name should be same as the "exchange proxy" name , is this sure ? You know what my environment is two exchange server on difference location those are using 2 seperate public connection with 2 difference url name. Would i still using the same CA in my envirnoment . Thanks again.
    2009年10月31日 下午 07:39
  • No, two seperate public connection with 2 URL name doesn't work on the same cert. It is because the common name of cert. (Exchange proxy) issues. It is necessary match the URL & Exchange proxy for the connections auth.
    2009年11月1日 上午 03:01
  • it is no help even i gaveup  the setup of second rpc over https & CA server. I was using the existing rpc over https url link with CA server and try to connect the new email a/c at our new site exchange server. It can't connect too.. is there any kinds of reason i didn't setup the front-end server.  Do you guys get any idea. Thanks

    update : the rpc over https connection seems up after i double-check  the "connection status" with "crtl + right click" at the outlook icon but it can't redirect to the user email a/c database if i placed at the new exchange site server.

    Would anyone tell me one rpc over https servies can't connect with two exchange databases such as OWA without using front-end server. Thanks 
    2009年11月2日 下午 04:06