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    When you look at the bottom of the page

    you will find that nothing in "過去30天前10名最佳參與者" and


    "0 主題和 0 文章已張貼。


    過去 24 小時,我們有 0 個新增主題和 0 篇新文章.

    過去 3 天, 最常見的主題是"". 我們的成員多半檢視的主題標題是"". 大部分的文章為"".

    2008年5月6日 上午 06:14


  • I think it has another problem on the Forum. Once you make the article is 這篇文章有用嗎?After u make it yes, it i will say you have marked the post is useful, but when you go some where else and go back to the same post again. It will ask you the same question 這篇文章有用嗎?

    It is a be weird.
    2008年5月6日 上午 10:22
  • I noticed the same problem too.  Let me look into it.  Hopefully they are just quick fix.

    2008年5月7日 上午 03:41
  • Hi

    I am not sure if it only happen on my Computer. I use FireFox, I am not sure why sometime when I mark the question is answered/ Mark the post is useful, it redirect me to log off page, and said, you have successfully logged off.

    2008年6月2日 上午 09:14
  • Hi

    I realise most of the bug in the forum has been fixed. The statistic of the post has been updated E.g.

    Most Recent Reply: 19 May 2008, 3:31 PM
    Total Views: 884
    Helpful Posts: 0
    Status: Answered

    Unfortunately, the Helpful Posts still state it is 0, although I have marked several post on the thread is Helpful, it still marks the helpful posts is 0.


    Many thanks
    2008年7月27日 上午 09:39
  • Hi

    I thikn the Forum Statistics/Thread Information and the Top 10 Answerers section is not working properly again. E.g. I do not think the get updated.

    Forum Statistics
    304 threads and 1,284 posts have been posted.

    Total Number of Microsoft Forums Users: 1,386,003 

    In the past 24 hours, we have 4 new thread(s), and 17 new post(s).

    In the past 3 days, the most popular thread for everyone has been "remote desktop problem". Our members have mostly viewed the thread titled "Migrate X.400 connetor from ex...". The most posts were made to "outlook 2000 can not show the ...". >>

    Thread Information is not updating the Helpful Post as well. I have marked Jacky's reply as helpful, yesterday, but it still have not update the Thread information.
    Most Recent Reply: 19 Sep 2008, 5:17 PM
    Total Views: 87
    Helpful Posts: 0


    It was the sames since quite a while ago.

    Hope this could be fix soon.

    2008年9月25日 上午 07:36
  • yes, i agree


    2008年10月9日 上午 04:40