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    I sometime use office 2007 converter in office XP that would prompt error message about conversion file format. How can i sovle that? And also, i want to know what issues will arise this problem? Thanks



    2008年10月9日 上午 06:56


  • hi Kit,

    Are you trying to open Office 2007 document by using Office XP?
    I guess you have already installed
    Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack,
    Have you installed Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 1 (SP1) as well? If not maybe you can have a try.

    Could you let us know what error message have you got? and What type of document are you trying to open, E.g. Word, Excel, Power Point ...etc

    Please forgive me if I mis-understood your issue.

    Good Luck

    2008年10月9日 上午 07:41

    When I open some excel files, it will display this error message about " 檔案已經換爲你可以使用格式,但發生下列問題.部份儲存格式包含多個應被評估和顯示的條件.這個版本的excel沒有此選頂". And also, the marco contents

    is lost. On the other hands, I just know that  the converter might affect the layout and format of the converted documents. Could you tell me other conversion problems ?



    2008年10月10日 上午 02:00
  • Hi Kit,

    After reading the error message, I think it is because the Excel file that you trying to convert contain some function/feature which is not support by Office XP, that's why it thought the error.

    Is it possible for you to open the file on Excel 2007 and save the file as "Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)"?
    I am not sure if there any conversion problems.

    Maybe you can use the "Compatibility checker" on Office 2007 to check if the Excel file you have is compatible with Office XP, so that it can identifier whether it has some problem on the conversion tool or the Excel is not
    compatible  at all, in this case you should re-save your file to older version (Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc))
    Please fine the URL below for more information.

    Hope this can help.
    2008年10月10日 上午 07:50