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    We are having a random problem where Workbook Cells don't get updated unless the user goes into the cell and presses enter in each cell. F9 does not work when the problem occurs. Most of the time everything works perfectly but just at random times it hiccups. The smallest workbook is around 20 Megabytes in size and it contains a numerous amount of sheets that are tied to each other with forumlas and a total sheet in the begining that gets the numbers from previous sheets up to 4 levels deep. We usually see this problem in the Total Sheet and when a deeper level sheet gets changed. This occurs across several different machines. We also tested this with Excel 2007 on our most powerful PC and saw the same problem. Some of the machines are dual cores with 2 gigs of ram. This has happened with different workbooks, both locally and on the network. There are no Macros. We even had support check our workbooks and everything looks sound and within Excel's capabilities. The machines are all running Windows XP SP3, Office 2003, McAfee 8.5, Groupwise 7.0.2 to 7.0.3 (With integration turned off), Adobe Reader. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help is really appreciated.


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    2008年9月26日 下午 03:55


  • We are finding that same problem and experiencing extremely slow response time.  Takes up to 20 minutes to open a file.  2007 seems very buggy to me.


    2008年10月2日 下午 03:41
  • Hello CJN4139


    Have you had any luck with this problem? Any ideas? Can you tell me what kind of machines you use, which programs and what you use for your file server? Maybe there is something we both are using that we can focus on troubleshooting. I posted in another forum and recieved an interesting thing to try. When the cells don't update and F9 and ctrl-alt F9 doesn't work, they recommended I try find all "=" and do replace all "=".


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    2008年10月2日 下午 07:50