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  • I can disable the BCC field in the outlook 2003 and outlook 2007 via the Office Group policy.  However,   When I click to 'To'  button and the address book show up.  I can still find the BCC button in the Address book.   How can I disable that BCC button.   Please help. 

    2008年9月30日 上午 02:45


  • I facing the same issue as what you are facing. I manage to use GPO to disable but from Address Book's BCC field still available and the mail still successful sent out using BCC field. Seem like a loophole of disable BCC on Microsoft Outlook 2003. Please help as so far no answer yet.

    2008年10月9日 上午 08:19
  • yes you can disable the bcc using GPO
    there is a solution, Group Policy Object (adding outlook.adm template
    and deploying to the domain controller (ntconfig.pol), erase the BCC
    2008年11月13日 上午 08:04
  • Yes, I had use GPO's office 2007 to disable the BCC button.  It works only on message interface.  I see the BCC button is dimmed or grey out.  However,  when I click the address book,  I still see BCC button appear and can add email address in the BCC field.  Therefore,  users are still able to use BCC to send email.   Any other suggestion?

    2008年11月14日 上午 01:05
  • Hi,


    Thanks for your kind feedback. Could you kindly provide detail procedures for above mentioned solution? Using Outlook.adm template I have try out but for ntconfig.pol portion I have no idea how it being configure.Can you described in detail for this? Thanks.

    2008年11月25日 上午 02:42

    try to find the template from microsft and import it to gpmc

    you can see more than details on this link


    2008年11月26日 下午 12:36