can anyone answer me today for this tcp ip issue RRS feed

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  • A question as follows:

    I encountered the problem of

    The system detected an address conflict for IP address 10.3..202.59 with the system having network hardware address

    00:B0:00:E3:71:02. Network operation on this system may be disrupted as a result.


    source :TCPIP    Event ID : 4199


    Well, here to clarify and confirmed we do not have DHCP server and all the client workstations plugin with

    static IP. What is the solution then?

    Should we need to remove at DNS or else?

    We have only a cisco catayst 3500 thereof. This is what the situation we encountered here.


    Many thanks




    Please help!

    2008年5月22日 上午 01:53


  • Try disconnecting the affected host (the one reported with IP conflict), and ping/telnet to the IP see what's going on.


    BTW, the MAC address 00:B0:00:E3:71:02 is a device manufactured by China (FUJIAN START COMPUTER EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD in FUZHOU), probably it's not Cisco related.  It should be a network card of a PC which is based on some low cost chipset.  Try to start thinking from this direction.

    2008年5月24日 上午 01:14