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  • Our file server found such a problem.

    1. The D drive shows that the available space is 3.75TB

    2. The Lun of the memory used by the D drive shows that the available space is only 1.1TB

    3. The last day disk optimization showed 81% space efficiency.

    We want to know how much data can be added to the current D drive. Why is the space displayed on Windows D drive and Storage Lun different? 

    The model of the storage is Dell SCv3020, we consulted Dell, but the other party told that it may be a problem with Windows space reclamation. 

    2022年3月2日 上午 01:10


  • Can you do repartition on the drive?
    2022年3月10日 下午 04:08
  • How do I fix low disk usage?
    2022年6月17日 上午 06:17
  • is the windows deduplication is enabled ??
    2022年7月6日 上午 07:11
  • a. 1.11 TB can be added to the current D drive.

    b. The hard disk is total 15.36 TB while you has allocated only 14.25 TB to logical disk drive D. 

    2022年7月6日 上午 07:40
  • Typically, when you allocate a LUN in storage, related space is marked as used in the storage (except in the case that you select thin provisioning) even if you do not add any data to the disk in OS. So, I think at the OS level, you can use the 3.7TB space, + you can extend the disk by 1.1TB of available space in the storage. (Not recommended, usually allocated space on the storage side should not exceed 80%)

    2022年7月22日 下午 09:32
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    2022年7月27日 上午 10:23