On-line Video Display Problem RRS feed


  • HI AndrewWong.

    I think this is a duplicated thread.
    I have replied your previous thread on the URL below
    2009年6月10日 上午 07:20
  • Hi Chi,

    Thought the Video from Youtube was blocked from our side.  Any solution to work around it.

    Many thanks.

    2009年6月10日 上午 07:32
  • Hi AndrewWong

    Do you mean u cannot access youtube video, in ur  home PC or work or u r in school network.

    It would be useful if u can provide us more information about your environment.

    Hope this can help.

    2009年6月10日 上午 09:39
  • Hi Chi

    We are using WinXp as workstation within Windows 2003R2 network.  For internet surfing to certain website like YouTube shall be blocked by a software namely IP-guard.

    Pls advise solution.

    2009年6月10日 上午 10:09
  • Hi Andrew

    Are you system administrator, if you i think you would need to config this software to unblock video website like youtube. If not you may need to ask the system administrator to unblock it.

    Or find an alternative website which may allow you to view youtube video.

    Hope this can help.

    2009年6月10日 上午 10:25