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  • Dear Sir,

    I have a BIG BIG problem on Distributed Tranaction (DT).  PLEASE HELP!   URGENT!
    I setup TWO SQL servers for an Application. When both SQL servers within a local network. DT is WORK.
    (Link server Approach or ADO.TransactionScope Approach)
    When I move one SQL server outside local network and use VPN to connect them. DT would get ERROR.
    (None approaches would work)
    I have see many online Doc. Unfortunately, I can't to solve the problem.......Can you Help!

    Many Thank!
    2009年9月17日 上午 07:21



  • Did you enable network access in msdtc? Are servers in same domain? What kind of error you got? 
    2009年9月17日 下午 01:04
  • Hello rmiao, Thank you for your HELP!

    One Server within domain, others within a workgroup only (Through VPN).
    I have already enable network access in msdtc in W2k3 (ones within domain)

    Where workgroup machine is XP/W2k to enable network access in msdtc?

    Error message:
    OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "" returned message "No transaction is active.".

    2009年9月18日 上午 02:23
  • There's no enable network access option in msdtc on w2k. Does query against linked server work? What's dtc service startup account?
    2009年9月18日 上午 02:37
  • Hi Rmiao,

    I choose "NT Authority /Network Service" as dtc Startup Account on W2K3.

    In T-SQL Procedure Approach (Link server techique used): 

    I try the procedure WITHOUT BEGIN TRAN, everything is work. After ADD BEGIN TRAN...Error Occur.

    (Same Results as VPN Environment or Intranet Environment)

    In ADO.NET Approach (TransactionScope used):

    When TWO servers within Intranet.....everything is Work.

    When one of them through VPN .....ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROR




    2009年9月18日 上午 07:21
    • 已標示為解答 KeFang Chen 2009年9月23日 上午 06:33
    2009年9月18日 下午 01:20
  • Hello rmiao....Thank you for your grateful HELP!

    I have follow your link to setup servers......Port 135 was opened..

    How to Add MULTI_SZ on server W2k or W2k3?

    2009年9月19日 上午 04:05
  • That's multi-string value in registry.
    2009年9月19日 下午 07:36
  • Hello rmiao, Sorry for my LOW-TECH Question.

    REGEDIT only support REG_SZ , REG_BINARY, REG_DWORD to add on registry.
    I don't know how to add MUILT_SZ through REGEDIT ....SORRY!
    2009年9月21日 上午 01:14
  • It's in win2k3, xp, ...
    2009年9月21日 上午 02:08
  • I have TWO Testing Environment in WIN2K.... How to add those on W2K.....THANK

    2009年9月21日 上午 07:41
  • Upgrade to win2k3/8 if possible.
    2009年9月21日 下午 01:57
  • Dear RMIAO,

    Thank you for your help! ....Are you mean  WIN2k with SQL05 would not support DT througu VPN ..SIR ?

    2009年9月22日 上午 01:06
  • We don't have win2k anymore so can't tell.
    2009年9月22日 上午 02:31