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  • hi tech microsoft,

    We are using windows 2000 services pack 4.  Normally, we click on the My network Places icon on the desktop, then

    click on the 'entire network' and then click 'entire contents' and then click 'Microsoft windows network', let say there is a

    domain called "abc", when you double click the domain "abc", it should around 20 computer name can be view or recongized. The problem is now somehow it is almost empty or only 1 computer name can be view or recongized, all others disappeared and even we reboot the machine, it still happen the same things. We almost reboot the 20 computer too, it still the same. So, please help why it will happen like this.



    2008年4月29日 上午 03:05



  • There are many possible way, You may try these,


    1) run "net config server /hidden:NO" in command prompt,
    AND restart the services -- server service and browser services
    this will solve your issues


    2) Could you double confirm that all that 20 computers are joined into that "abc" domain.


    3) Is this only happen to your computer?


    4) check your DNS Server is working or running properly and all comptuers are specific the DNS setting to this DNS Server.


    Return to here if you still could not solve it.

    2008年4月29日 上午 08:56
  • Dear Customer,


    Thank you for your posting.


    For your symptom, I'd like to provide following suggestions to narrow down this issue:


    Suggestion 1:


    I noticed that you have disabled Norton Firewall, I'd like to suggest you check Windows  firewall as well. To shutdown the Windows Firewall, follow the steps below:

    a. Open Control Panel, click Security Center, and then click Windows Firewall.

    b. Click to check Off, and then click OK.

    Test this issue.


    Suggestion 2:


    Open My Computer, type "\\computer name" in the address bar, where the computer name is the other computer’s name. Does it can open the shared folder on the other computer?


    Suggestion 3:


    Open My Computer, type "\\IP address" in the address bar, where the IP address is the other computer’s IP address. Does it can open the shared folder on the other computer?


    Note: When you attempt to access a shared folder on another computer, a pop-up window may prompt you to type a user name and password, type the user name and password which are used to logon the other computer.


    Suggestion 4:


    From your description, I'm not sure if the problematic computer is connected by wireless NIC. If possible, please connect the problematic computer by wired NIC to test.


    Please tell me the result of this issue at your earliest convenience. If there is anything unclear, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm looking forward to your reply.


    Best regards,

    Tom Zhang, MCSE 2003


    2008年4月29日 上午 09:21
  • Dear MS MVP KenLin,


          To reply

    1.> I tried to use net config server /hidden:NO. and then restart the services -- server service ande browser servidces

    It does not resolve  the problem


    2.> I confirm here all that 20 computers are joined into that 'abc' domain.


    3.> No, it happened to several computer as well. However, some computer does work proper and can view all

    those 20 comoputer under the abc domain as well.


    4.> I checked the DNS server is working and running properly.


    Please do reply thanks

    2008年5月2日 上午 04:12
  • did you try the solution from "Tom Zhang" ??

    2008年5月2日 上午 04:58
  • yes i did try tom zhang one

    suggestion 1, i can't find the security center under control panel of windows 2000 workstation

    suggestion 2, yes it is able to type '\\computer name' and can map it too.

    suggestion 3, yes it is able to type '\\IP' and can map it too.

    suggestion 4, it is not connected to wireless as well.


    The problem for windows server network places still unable to recongized 20 computers when click the domain

    even we MS MVP instruction and tom zhang.


    Any in depth great solution







    2008年5月2日 上午 07:12

    If no help from the above, lets look at logs from "browstat status", "ipconfig
    /all", "net config server", and "net config workstation", from each computer.
    Read this article, and linked articles, and follow instructions precisely
    (download browstat!):


    2008年5月2日 上午 08:57