IIS -ftp big problem please help RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    1. i have two machine - machine A is
    and B is
    Only one valid Fixed IP is available of mine at this moment which is
    And the router has been set to forward 21 port to 103, 2100 port to 107
    I have then a on machine A with a filezilla installed with setting default port 21 on machine A and works just fine
    But on machine B with port 2100 on Windows IIS -ftp doesn'work and error said windows unable to retrieve or save on windows broswer of

    2. If i  wish to sychonize backup to another machine ie. C. How to do it and setting please.

    2. Is there any IIS-FTP web administration panel software to download in order for other user to set their user name and password by themselves?

    3. If two machine A & B with only 1 valid fixed IP address, does the 
    IIS-FTP server only machine able to be workable no matter
    on B machine setting with any port such as 4040,2100 other than default of A MACHINE port ie. 21

    thanks to let me know

    2009年4月4日 上午 06:17


  • It is the routing problem. Since we have no information on your router, you may need to check your router how to do the forwarding.

    Try to do a telnet from any machines outside the network to and see if it can route through. If it is ok, then you will need to check the FileZilla setting. Or you should consider to using IIS and ISA to do the port forwarding.

    2009年4月13日 下午 12:52