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  • how to reduce the ICMP packet size? It take more then 1024 ICMP packet when users need the authentication from remote office. We dont have the DC in plcae in a remote office site.

    2008年8月7日 上午 07:43


  • Dear Customer,


    Regarding this issue, first I want to let you know that it is a normal behaviour for the domain controller to send out the ping request.

    The DCs are coded to use the ICMP protocol to check the existence and connection speed of other computers.


    For example: Windows DC does an ICMP ping to the client to determine the closest DC to the client if there is not a local DC in their site.


    Another example will be:

    You are using roaming user profile.

    The profiles are put on another computer.

    When you logged on the DC, the DC will ping that computer to check if they are in the slow link connection or not.


    One more example will be the replication.

    When establishing an RPC session prior to AD replication between the DCs, ICMP traffic is used.  If the ICMP fails, so does the RPC session establishment, and hence AD replication also fails.


    So though you only run only 'core' services, the DCs may still send out the ping request.

    I had checked the source code, but cannot find any settings to change the buffer size of the ping sent out by the DC.


    If anything is unclear or you have further questions on the issue, please feel free to let me know. I am looking forward to your reply.



    Tom Zhang, MCSE 2003

    2008年8月21日 上午 09:52