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    i can't seem to find a microsoft games forum here. i wish to say that it seems for the pc version of shadownrun, if my notebook is connected to a secondary display (which is a large video screen), it does not let me choose which display to show on, so it just shows on the primary display (the small notebook screen). i would appreciate if microsoft provides a solution so i can play the games on my large lcd television.
    2008年10月25日 上午 02:11



    Have you tried to your primary display to your LCD television instead of your notebook screen (as there are some display card can do so)?  If you can, then under this configuration, can the game use the LCD television to display?


    (Sorry that I haven't played pc games for several year.  Hope it can help.)

    2008年10月25日 下午 12:54

    after a recent windows update driver applied, my lcd tv becomes the primary display and now i can see things clearly on my large tv.
    2008年10月26日 上午 06:22