Outlook 2003 on Vista Ultimate will not launch RRS feed

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  • I have been happily running 2003 on my HP laptop running Vista Ultimate, but a week or so ago I suddenly found that whenever I try to launch Outlook, from desktop, Start Menu or Quick Start Menu a process does indeed start (Windows Task Manager shows one or more OUTLOOK.EXE*32 running) but the application does not open up on the desktop.

    Once I end all processes running I can immediately start an instance of Outlook.

    Does anyone know why this is happening?


    Thanks Ron

    2008年8月4日 上午 05:34


  • The same thing happens on my HP Multimedia Desktop system with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Vista Ultimate. After opening Outlook two or three times, I cannot open it back up unless, I go to the Task Manager and end the Outlook Processes that were not closed when I exited Outlook. I have been doing Internet searches on this for a couple of months and have found that many other users also have the same problem. I wish Microsoft would keep track of these forum issues and put a fix or solution article on their site. After reading some online suggestions, I went to Tools > Options > Other > Advanced and removed all Add-ins, and that did not work. I disabled Nortons anti-spam and that did not work. I would also appreciate help on this.


    2008年8月31日 下午 07:06
  • Hi Arkay and F J Winters

    I am wondering if you have a lot of contact information on Microsoft OutLook? if so the following URL maybe able to help you
    Have you tried to run Office update and see if the problem can be fixed by Update.

    Good Luck.

    2008年9月9日 下午 12:44