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    I assume your server were Exchange server 2003. In Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later versions, The Move Mailbox wizard includes a Cross Administrative Group Move feature that lets you move mailboxes across administrative groups.


    Before you move mailboxes across administrative groups, make sure that you are aware of the following issues:


    ·         All Exchange 5.5 public folder servers in all sites must have the Directory Service/Information Store (DS/IS) consistency adjuster patch applied. The patch requires Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 4 (SP4).

    ·         All Active Directory Connectors must be upgraded to Exchange 2003 SP1 or later; otherwise, all moves across administrative groups will be blocked.

    ·         Moves across administrative groups will not work correctly in mixed mode organizations where no Exchange 5.5 servers exist. If you want to move users across administrative groups, your organization must be switched to native mode.

    ·         Users who have moved across administrative groups might not be able to access their public folders from an Exchange 5.5 server. You must either move their public folders to Exchange 2000 or later servers, or run the updated DS/IS consistency adjuster on the Exchange 5.5 server where the public folders reside.

    ·         Users whose mailboxes are moved across administrative groups must re-create their Outlook profiles or use the Microsoft-supported profile update tool to configure Outlook to use the new server. Users must not access their mailboxes until they perform one of these steps. Users can continue to use Outlook Web Access during this transition.

    ·         Outlook rules and delegates for those users not homed on an Exchange 2003 SP1 server will break if they are based on users who are moving across administrative groups.

    ·         Outlook client profiles must be updated after a move by using the Profile Update tool. If the profile is not updated, the following problems may occur:

    ·         When a user first logs on, the Email field on the Contact tab will be corrupted.

    ·         When a user first logs on, the Outlook client will try to use the former Exchange 5.5 server as the Directory Service.

    ·         When a user first logs on, the Cached Client will not be able to access the rules page.

    ·         Users will experience intermittent permissions problems when trying to access calendar items.

    ·         Before moving users across administrative groups, you must export certificates as a preventative measure whenever the target site is being serviced by a separate Key Management server or the same Key Management server. After the move is complete, import the certificates back to the target site's Key Management server.

    ·         Exchange Conferencing Server is not supported.

    ·         Users may experience Journal recipients issues.

    ·         Users may experience Outlook Web Access (OWA) login issues.


    Hope it will help you, if anything is unclear, feel free to let me know.


    Rock Wang

    Rock Wang– MSFT
    2009年7月22日 上午 03:36