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  • I am using W2003 server and have 1 domain.
    Some of the domain user account need about 7 mins to logout windows XP, but others only need 5 - 10 seconds.
    Can anyone tell me why?
    2009年8月31日 上午 07:19


  • Dear Customer,


    Thank you for your post.


    I would like to clarify the following details before starting the investigation:

    1. Does the slowness happen to both user logon and logoff when the issue happens?

    2. When the issue appears, all users experience the slowness, regardless of which client computer they are trying to logon/logoff from or which account they use, right?

    3. When the issue exists, have you tired to copy files from the file server where the roaming profiles are saved? Compared with normal time, would copying the files when the issue exists consume a longer time?

    4. How long does it normally take for a user to logon/logoff when the issue doesn't exist? When the issue occurs, how long would it take then?

    5. Can you provide more details about the symptoms? For example, when the user logs on, the screen shows different messages at different stage of logon. Which stage is the longest for the user logon/logoff when the issue happens? What is displayed on the screen at that stage?





    Tom Zhang

    Tom Zhang – MSFT
    2009年8月31日 上午 09:13