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  • Dear all,
    I am having an outbound email issue during the Exch 03 migration. Basically, we are migrating Exch03 to new hardware, both servers are Server 03 based. Everything runs smooth while setting up and installing Exch 03 on the new box. Public folders are all replicated. My issues are shown below....

    1) After starting to move users' mailboxes to new Exch 03, they receive some undeliverable mail and bounced back mail from some vendors, then I move few users back to test around, they have no problem at all after moving back to old Exch 03.

    2) Another issue is our company has Blackberry users, we don't have BES. Under each user's mailboxes, we have forward rule setup, so that both user inbox and BB can receive email. User who is moved to the new Exch 03 server, they can only send email to the BB user's inbox, mail cannot be forwarded to BB at all, smtp queue stacks up and keep trying until the time is expired.

    Since not all emails that the users send out from the new Exch have problem, I am not able to narrow down what is the issue here. Can anyone give me some ideas? Could this be MX record / Reversed DNS relate? Or firewall NAT rule setting?

    2009年11月30日 上午 10:42


  • Hello,

    May i know your migration detials? Is it the same Exchange Org? Also, What's your NDR messages?

    Base on your descriptions, i suppose you should build up new AD & Exchange Org for your migrations.
    1. NDR to Intenet-- It may be some SMTP connector setting problem. Please shae your NDR mssages for further analysis.
    Anyway, Makesure your SMTP connector can connect to your SMTP smarthost or DNS can reslove Intenet domain.

    2. Forward to BB issues--Please check your Exchange Global seeting--> Internet Messages Format-> Default domain (*)/ your BB mail domain properties---Advance--> check the check box of "Allow automatic forward"
    2009年12月2日 上午 06:49
  • You need to check the relay of the new Exchange 2003 server, then you need to configure SMTP Connector from new Exchange to trhe old Exchange. after that you can email between both servers.

    2010年1月10日 下午 02:42