Solution to music (Radio) playing in background of computer, without opening any programs.

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  • I had been struggling with a bazaar and rare problem that no one online seemed to have an answer to. My computer, usually soon after restarting,  would start playing what seemed to be a radio station in the background of my computer and random mouse click sounds would occur. What was so bazaar was that it would happen without even opening a program. Nothing showed up on three different virus and malware scans and there was nothing out of the ordinary in my processes or startup menu. I was dealing with the problem for months until one day while the music was playing, I changed my background to another photo and the music stopped. Soon after, it started again and changed the photo again as a test. Again it worked, (temporarily). After looking through some settings I noticed that my "Active Desktop" was set to a webpage of some sort, one i have never heard of. I deselected that site, deleted it from the list and wahlah! Problem solved.

    Summary of Steps:

    1. Right click on your desktop.
    2. Select "Properties".
    3. On the top tabs, select "Desktop".
    4. On the bottom of that screen click "Customize Desktop". A new Screen will open.
    5. On the top tabs of that screen select "Web".
    6. There will be a list of web pages with black squares next to them, if there is a check in one of the squares, click on the check.
    7. Select all unknown webpages on the list by click on their names (one at a time). And click "Delete"
    8. When you have deleted the unknown web pages and there are no check marks in any of the black boxes click "OK" on the bottom of that screen.
    9. That screen will close. Now click "Apply" on the original screen and then click "Ok".

    Again, I had the radio play on and off for months and this has solved my problem. Please reply to this post if you have had success. If there were no strange webs in your list, you are probably dealing with another issue, goodluck!

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  • Hi,

    I have just met with the kind of problem All of a sudden no matter what I am doing my computer will start playing 2 radio station in the background . I am not a tech guy i have McAfee total but its not able to identify the issue i read what you wrote i have Window Vista ....and was unable to follow your instruction if you can help it will great....thank

    Thursday, September 15, 2011 7:57 AM