Classic ASP on Visual Studio 2010


  • I have been given someone's Classic ASP code which connects to a very simple SQL Server database consisting of just four tables each with just a few columns.

    There are also about 17 Classic ASP pages it looks like this is using ODBC to connect to SQL Server.

    I have been unsuccessful trying to get this configured using our IIS 7.0 server. I thought I would see if I could open these asp pages in VS 2010 and see if I could just run it locally on my computer to get it to work, and have not been successful with that.

    Is there an easy simple way to get this ASP code to run without changes, locally on my computer using Visual Studio 2010, just so we can evaluate this simple program, without investing a lot of time into converting it or troubleshooting it? If so, what is the most simple and direct approach?

    THank you,

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