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  • seems does not make too much sense when records are detected as duplicates, one of the duplicates can not be deleted automatically by the detection jobs?

    What is the impact on the records associated with the deleted duplicates? we have to know this even deleting duplicates manually?

    Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012 20:36


  • Hi Guangming,

    The detection jobs, both in cRM 4 and CRM 2011 cannot delete duplicates automatically, this is normally a manual process, by design for security purposes.

    The impact of the associated records when you delete the duplicate, will be decided based on the relationships they have between each other.

    Referential, restrict delete

    If you have custom entities that may get associated with records that can be potentially deleted in mistake, you can set a relationship which prevents a deletion from deleting the associated records as well. e.g. the parental relationship will delete all associated records.

    The following article is very helpful:





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