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  • Couldn't see this in a quick search. I built a PC to serve as my Home Server. Some of the components needs drivers (Ethernet, vga, soundcard, etc.) Now I know that most of those are not needed in a server, but the ethernet driver is, because the default is 100mbps and I have a gigabit ethernet. When I look on the manufacturer's websites, I see drivers for Win 7, Vista nad XP. What am I to choose for Home server? Or perhaps a more appropriate question that I should have asked earlier in this journey of exploration, is: "Who makes components that are compatible with Windows Home Server?" THanks for all advice M
    2010년 1월 7일 목요일 오전 8:16

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  • Windows Server 2003 drivers/compatibility would be preferred but XP drivers usually work too.

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  • In a long line of pretty useless answers and actions on these new Microsoft forums, marking this as the answer when the question is "Who makes components that are compatible with Windows Home Server?" is ridiculous.

    And how the heck do I get WHS to install an XP driver? It passes right over the XP drivers on the CDs that came with the components.
    2010년 1월 30일 토요일 오전 2:12
  • There are two answers to your question, Mike. One is "Every hardware manufacturer" because you can probably install Windows Home Server on almost any current hardware. What S_M_E meant is that if there's a driver for Windows XP, you can probably use that driver for Windows Home Server.

    The other answer is "almost nobody" because you won't find Windows Home Server listed as "supported" by hardware manufacturers, for the most part.

    As for installing drivers, we can't lead you step by step down that path, I'm afraid. Consult the manuals you should have received with your hardware; those will usually tell you how to install any drivers.
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    2010년 1월 30일 토요일 오전 4:06
  • Hi Mike,

    I think better to find unknown devices on your newly build server and then search the drivers based on vendor id and device id. I just hyperlink the keywords for your easy. Thank you

    Muhammad Rizwan Ahmad

    2018년 10월 11일 목요일 오전 8:55