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Dec 5, 2009
" Cynthia S. Ayash"(C.S.A) Born to be all that I can be without hessitation no regreats just happy to have lived threw them to experience what came next! Begining a new day with new thoughts and drive on your side, trusting you'll make the best of it when it seems the worst never giving in refusing to dwell over what happened before, just excitied to meditate and recreate a new route to take... I believe to explore our options and life around us we must have a creative imagination to reach this destination only our minds have seen befor... Its not easy nor is it hard if you just focus on what you truely want...You'd be supprise what can arrise...This is my BIO on the way my life works and the way I look out into the world full of why not's. The sky is the limit so just reach for it!
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